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Poltropia founders    We are the Poltropia. The polish society created Anno Domini 2003 when Tomasso and Xrecon after tough hunting day came up with an idea of funding own society on Calypso planet. Soon more new members joined founders and the Poltropia started growing and society's policy, goals and rules were established.

   The Poltropia Society associates people who decided to spend a piece of their's life in a virtual reality created by the Swedish company MindArk PE AB, people who loves and sometimes hate the MMORPG called Entropia Universe, about who we can say addict to PE even. Mature minded (it is not about an age) and financially self dependant, but...

   First of all we are a group of friends. Real friends also in real life not only in game. We spend a lot of time chatting and meeting in different places in Poland as well as on Calypso. Respect to every member of our society is essential so there is no space for unfair players in our ranks. The most important criteria we consider before joing new member are not skill points, time spent in game, PEDs on a credit card, but: "Does this man fit our group?". We accept new members when we know they love beer and peanuts and only when we hope they could be good friends of us.

   This way we are a bit different society than typical ones in the Entropia Universe, but we believe this is a source of our strength and a reason why we are the oldest polish and one of the oldest active societies still roaming Calypso.

   Now we would like to tell You a few words about most exciting and exceptional enterprise called Entropia Universe we have been expiriencing for many many hours, days, months and years of our life.

   Entropia Universe (former Project Entropia) is a three dimensional online world basing on the CryEngine2 graphic engine that only exists on the internet. Users from all over the world are able to simultaneously enter this universe through their personal computer, in the form of a character (avatar) created with their personal preferences.

City Scape    The world of Entropia Universe is set to take you on an epic journey into the future, to a place far away from the Earth, beyond the borders and frontiers of known space. The central point in the human universe is now focused on one single colony on a distant planet named Calypso. You have the possibility to take an active role in the creation of a whole new civilization, to explore entire continents in an evolving world and claim land where you can establish new communities.

   The only things needed to enter this universe are a personal computer, a connection to the internet, and some client software. The client software is provided absolutely free of charge, and users are able to download this software from multiple sites all around the world.

   You can easily notice that Poltropia is polish players strongly oriented. It is created by Poles only for people with polish originate who feel polish and speak polish. No matter where do they live. At the moment in our ranks we have members mainly located in the Poland, but also some living in United States, Germany, Norway and Lithuania. Although we are sure non polish players would find this site very attractive too and it would be worth of spending a bit of time to learn more about our fascinating virtual world.

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